Charlton Flea How I Love Thee

It has been a while since we last went to the flea market in Charlton not for lack of wanting but really, for lack of time. We have been so busy getting our summer projects started that thrifting and flea marketing has taken a side seat-not a back seat. NEVER a back seat.
As you’ve read before we always strike gold in Charlton mostly because of Shirely (finally learned her name) and her unending supply of Pyrex. It was just meant to be that we would come in the day she had a sign that all Pyrex lovers want to see…50 % OFF ALL PYREX! I instantly sent the picture to Kim, my soul mate and then started to plow through what she had.

There was this little guy that I fell deeply in love with first. I think because I have such a crush on Old Town Blue that I have started to gravitate towards more blue patterns. This one is called, according to Pyrex Love, Blue Floral and is often refered to as Old Town Blue on places like ebay. To me, this is a promotional piece but some places don’t list it as such…even though it is only found in the 1 qt Cinderella dish. I feel as though I should put some sort of…pudding in it. I have no idea why but sometimes when I see a dish I think of the food I should put in it. For example, when I found my Homestead dish I wanted to make some sweet potato casserole in it. Fyi: I did.

Now, Joe was hellbound to bring this guy home. I do love it because I love loaf pans and haven’t found one with any pattern on it before…but it is bittersweet to find it in the favorite pattern of a friend! I believe that because Spring Blossom was such a popular pattern that it was slapped on almost any and every dish Pyrex could make. The same goes for Butterfly Gold-these both are patterns that Corelle has printed on their tableware for many years. It is also a pattern that is “ripped off,” by a nameless company…You’ll know they are a fake if they fail the following test:
1: There is no Pyrex or Corelle trademark
2: The patterns will be over exaggerated.
3: They will appear in a large creamer or sugar bowl dish with the words “sugar” and “creamer” in with the print.
Give everything a good look over before you buy anything or risk looking like a fool. I didn’t intend to give a little lesson here but sometimes you just roll with where you go!



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2 responses to “Charlton Flea How I Love Thee

  1. Linda Leslie

    What a beautiful casserole (?) dish with the lid!! Just beautiful!! I have never seen anything like it before. I’m home and the car is unpacked. Sort of….. Wish I could put my arms around my home!! I like your lesson on fake pyrex. I learn something every time you post!! LYB

  2. I love that Blue Floral dish…pudding sounds good, too!

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