British Pyrex In America

Well well well….what do we have here? A little bit of England in America! Just in time for the Olympics, too. According to a collector on Pinterest this pattern is called Emily-which I find sweet. It is a sweet and loveable pattern to begin with but to couple that with one of my favorite girl names just puts it over the top. We picked this little one up at the “big” SAVERS and paid about 4 dollars for it. I was surprised to actually find some JaJ Pyrex in the states…happily, of course.

I think I’ve mentioned before how when I find certain dishes places that recipes just start to pop into my head. For this one I would want to put a simple salad in. Maybe the one my mom got me hooked on years ago-mixed greens, goat cheese, little bits of ham or turkey, grapes and a homemade vinaigrette.

Mmmm…My birthday is in two days so perhaps I’ll treat myself to such a salad!



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4 responses to “British Pyrex In America

  1. Linda Leslie

    That pattern is lovely, Sarah. I agree, the name is sweet!!

  2. abbie

    im sat here in my little cottage by the sea in the uk looking at this bowl on my dresser!

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