A Moment of Silence, Please….

The fourth of July brought many joys-friends, family, food and a favorite film. But the day was not without a dark mark…

My beloved Balloon Cinderella bowl has gone to the great Pyrex-beyond. She slipped through Joe’s fingers as he was making French Fries…

I meant to take a picture of the mess but it was too sad to deal with. Every story I’ve heard about “the way Pyrex breaks,” came true. It is a mess to end all messes and the shards are tiny. Needless to say, the kitchen became a NO TODDLER zone.

Rest in Peace, good friend…what pattern am I going to use to make pizza dough now?



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2 responses to “A Moment of Silence, Please….

  1. Aw, Honey… that’s so sad.
    Maybe she was sacrificed to make room for something that’s just around the corner? One can hope….

  2. Linda Leslie

    I’m SO sorry to hear that!! Your mom is right, keep thinking about a new pattern that you haven’t met yet. LYB

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