It Was A Day…

Do you ever have a day that is just…a day? And by a day, I mean horrible no good rotten day. What makes it worse is that it started out so well.

We found a desk on Craigslist that seemed perfect to alter slightly and use as an entertainment center. Currently, we’re using half of an old computer desk that just doesn’t match the direction the style of our house is going. I promise this post has Pyrex in it, by the way. Joe started out towards Frammingham around noon and by 1 he was calling me with the classic “good news, bad news,” deal.

Good news: The desk fit in our car!

Bad news: he backed over the curb of the owners driveway and punctured our tire. After two cans of Fix-A-Flat (that did not fix our flat) and about 5 dollars worth of quarters in air he made it home and we hauled the desk out of the car and on to the porch. After so much chaos I wanted something comfortable…warm…and filled with cheese and pasta.

I made up a good old baked pasta in my Spirograph dish. Oh..and those lumpy things in the back? Left over pizza dough I made into sad looking “bread sticks” ….they weren’t very good. But the pasta hit the spot for sure. My mom asked me, “Are you crazy? Baked pasta in this heat?” I think its silly she asked me this seeing as she looooooves to reference the time I requested baked ziti on my birthday. Which is in June.

Thursday is  Brimfield and since mom, niece and brother won’t be coming this time we’re planning to leave at 6 or 6:30 am. This will be our shortest trip ever to the flea…we’re going to see one block of stalls-the one with Joe’s Moxie guy. But don’t worry that set of stalls usually have some good Pyrex deals.

We’ll see…to be honest…I’m a little tired of spending money. So unless something like a second Ponderosa cup (for Kim) comes up for a dollar I probably will refrain from buying anything.






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2 responses to “It Was A Day…

  1. You *are* crazy…in a good way.

  2. Hilary

    I just had to comment (usually I just read & enjoy) to say that my birthday is also in June and ever since I was little my mom would make anything I asked for on that day. Well, I ALWAYS request baked ziti, it’s my favorite!! 🙂 This post made me hungry.

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