July Brimfield

Are you ready? I mean really, really ready for this? It was a doozey of a trip to Brimfield so lets just jump right in!

We got an early start this month because it was just us and we have a child who likes waking up before 6. We were on the road (coffee in hand) before 6:30 and were parked and walking the ground by 6:45. We found the fabled END of the market! For the two years I’ve been going I have never seen the end-neither had Joe. We started by parking in them middle so that we could see his Moxie guy first thing. Our plan was to leave by 10…which didn’t exactly happen.

When Moxie-Guy opened up we found that he had something super special…not Moxie soda related.

Did your jaw drop? Mine did. We didn’t know that the care booklet was in there until today, too! When I asked the mans wife what she wanted for it she said 20…I told her we would keep poking around and I would let her know. The guy remembered Joe and gave him an old Moxie bottle for free and after finding a few more Moxie items Joe asked if he would do 20 for everything-Pyrex included. They took it! I love these folks. I get the feeling they know we really love what we buy from them.

Next we found some pie dishes. But not your normal “oh look, another Pie dish,” dish. Ready?

SEE?! A label! A tag! Whatever you call it-its gold. And on the same table…

A colored pie dish! AHHHH! Are your hearts beating? Mine stopped a little. Each were marked at five but Joe asked 8 for both and she agreed. She seemed to just sort of “have” them seeing as the rest of her table were plants and herbs.

We went a little pie crazy this time…but they were all worth the few dollars we spent. This one, especially, to me…

An engraved Pyrex Pie Dish. The woman running the stall was adorable, sweet, and I promised to stop back by her way in September. She had this marked as from the 1940s, which I think is about right. Maybe the 1930s…Either way, she had it marked at 15 but we asked for 12 (we also bought a really cute apron for 8 dollars).

The last place we bought any Pyrex from was this older gentlemen who seemed to have it just pouring out of himself. He said it was his wives and that, “all of the old cameras are mine.” I get the feeling he wasn’t too ready to part with some of those cameras. We found something that rounded out a small set.

A Cookie Jar! To go with our Cracker Barrel! I love this! We spent 3 dollars on this…a jar that normally goes for 15-18. We round out that set spending less than 10 dollars for both. I’m amazed at how lucky we got.

The last big Pyrex booth we stopped in was a woman from Worcester. She told me she had started to collect in the 70s and selling in the 90s and according to her card her company is called, “Oh, my Mom had that!” though to my generation its, “Hey, my grandma has that!” We got to talking and she gave us some great tips for buying and we did share our distaste for the current direction that SAVERS is going with their prices. Overhearing our conversation, her next door booth-neighbor said, “She is the queen of Pyrex…That makes you the Princess.”

I was tickled…It was so sweet and a title I very much want to earn. Even if I’m only the Pyrex Princess of Western Worcester County.



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3 responses to “July Brimfield

  1. Linda Leslie

    Sounds like a great day!! I had a set of the cookie jar and cracker barrel. I think they were wedding gifts. I have no idea where they are now!! I enjoyed our phone visit this morning. Love you bunches.

  2. You mean, I spent all day with you yesterday, and we never even got to LOOK at these?
    Great finds, Butterfly. Great post, too.

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