Chicken Loaf

How many people out there have or had picky children at some point? Everyone? Pretty much everyone? I thought so. Niko is going through a phase where he doesn’t want to much meat. Especially any sort of ground beef (steaks are fine, for some reason) so when a neighbor called me over to “shop” her apartment I was happy to find a pound of ground chicken! This neighbor is being kicked out so she didn’t want a bunch of frozen food hanging around with no place to go. Thats another story…Anyway, I thought to myself “Chicken Loaf! Maybe he’ll eat that…”
It is pretty easy to make with the right timing and of course…Pyrex! Let’s go!

First you’ll want your fresh stuff. I went to the store and let Niko pick out which peppers he would like. We ended up with a yellow and green, which are great because I LOVE yellow peppers. You’ll also want to use about half of an onion and a clove of garlic.

Chop them all and toss them together in your chosen Pyrex dish. For this recipe I went to my always lovely Yellow 300 Bowl. She’s just perfect for summer meals.

Throw in your pound of ground chicken. Then you’re going to add in your bread crumbs-about a cup. I used Itilian style because its what we had and I figured..hey, why not? flavor is flavor! Add in one egg WHITE-not the whole egg. Not sure why, but a recipe I found that I loosely based this off said to. Probably has a health reason. Next is a teaspooon of Worcestershire sauce followed by 1/4 cup of ketchup.
Then…the fun. Get yo hands in there and mash it all together! When everything is well combined move your loaf to your prepared loaf pan. I chose my Spring Blossom 9 x 13.

Yummy, huh? Put it in the oven at 350 for about an hour and a half. Some say to cover it with foil for the first hour and let it bake another 15/30 without the foil. I don’t use foil and it came out pretty dang nice.

But would it pass the baby test?

It did! Well, some bites did. He lost interest pretty quick…I however loved it and would recomend trying it if you’re looking for a low cal dinner that you can cram tons of veggies into!



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2 responses to “Chicken Loaf

  1. Nice post, sweetie! I would have used the whole egg, cause that’s just me…and cracker crumbs, cause that’s how Granny always made meatloaf.

  2. Linda Leslie

    Sounds good, Sarah. I would use the whole egg…. and probably cracker crumbs. I have whole wheat crackers and I really like them. A green pepper is essential. It gives lots of flavor. I like Niko’s choice, though. The yellow adds lots of color. Thanks for sharing!! LYB

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