Savers Is The Devil

I’ve written a few posts about how my once beloved Savers has been jacking their prices but today I come to you with some photo evidence. Some of these aren’t bad, I will admit…but some of them just made me itchy. The bad kind of itchy not the “I’m itching to get that,” kind of itchy.
I think I also mentioned once before how I finally confronted the manager of our closest Savers about their prices. Pointing out that certain things should be sold as sets-not just in the housewares section. As an example I used a kids table and chairs…they wanted 10 for the table and then priced each bench seat separately for 5 dollars a piece. What sort of insanity is that for a second-hand shop? Especially one that is in such a poor neighborhood as this one is. The Pyrex Queen I met at Brimfield agreed. To quote her, “Its friggin Webster Square in Worcester…how do they expect people to pay these prices?”
I should probably stop ranting before you all stop reading…Oh…wait…this whole post is a mini rant. Stick it out, folks!

Looks pretty nice, huh? Large dish with cover…but the cover is scratched and faded. There was also a chip in one of the handles. What did they ask for this dented dish? 9 dollars. Again, not the most outrageous of prices but still high for a store that has built its reputation on having low prices for a good cause.

This dish actually goes with the  Friendship collection and I have to say…I really wanted it. Unlike the first dish it wasn’t faded or chipped-but they wanted 8 dollars for something that should cost about 4. It hurt to pass on.

These two yellow dishes were clearly donated as a result of not being sold at a yard sale. The little tag on the inside said 2 for 2.50…What did Savers price them at? 3.99 EACH! Not sold as a set.

And this…well, this is just murder. Pyrex Murder. People, please for the love of all things Kitcheny DO NOT PUT YOUR OLD PYREX IN THE DISHWASHER!!! Despite being a total loss to whoever buys this, Savers still wanted 3 dollars. Sorry, but I wouldn’t even pay 50 cents for it.

This large green dish I believe is a match to the Spring Blossom collection…but 10 dollars? Maybe 6.

6 dollars for a small Autumn Harvest Cinderella dish…Nope. See that basic Corning dish next to it? Roughly the same size but half the price! If only Corn Flower was interesting enough to collect…

Now this is a shinning example of the way things should be sold as set of 4 cups. Why doesn’t Savers sell all things as sets? Because they’re lame and have clearly lost touch with their fair pricing system.
As it was explained to me their new system goes by a scale of 1-5. If something comes in and is a lower number on “the scale” it gets a lower price..but if something on the higher end comes up then the price will reflect that. Now, that makes sense…except that who is back there making this call? ONE PERSON! One person is in charge of all the pricing. How does that make sense at all? It doesn’t…
I need to stop before I get too worked up. I think its time to stick to flea markets and yard sales…



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2 responses to “Savers Is The Devil

  1. Wow…I totally missed this post. Sorry, Kiddo!
    Savers in FR wraps sets in clear tape, so it’s not chain-wide. And that ‘system’? Clear as mud…
    Speaking of Savers…I need to get over there. Soon…

    • I was recently at Savers and spoke with the manager who said they look up all hardlines (housewares, electronics, etc) before they price to see what they are selling for online. So I think they need to change their name from Saver’s to Ebay.

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