Movin’ Ain’t Easy…

Moving isn’t easy for anyone and it is especially not easy when you have two collectors, their huge collections and a nearly-two-year-old…oh..and a cat. We were recently told by our landlord we could hop apartments for a bigger upstairs one that had just been emptied. To us, we thought, “Oh simple…we can be out of here in a week-week and a half tops.” So that afternoon I started to pack up things like dish towels, pictures and of course…my Pyrex.

Sorry it is so dark…the lighting was horrible in that old apartment

If that over-stuffed shelf doesn’t look a little ominous to you then maybe you need your eyes checked. The more I packed and put away then more I realized just how much I actually have. I thought I had taken pictures of the boxes I packed but apparently, I dreamed that. There were oh say…9 or 10 boxes full. In retrospect, not nearly as bad as some of the stories I’ve heard from sellers at Brimfield. One said, “When I found I could fill a 10 x 10 box truck it was time to start selling.” I don’t think I will ever get to that point though.
So, shall we have a tour of where everyone lives now?

Sort of like my personal portal into Wonderland…

Inside. Please note Joe’s Moxie bottles as well

First we have our built-in shelf. We had something similar to this in the old apartment but without the glass panes to see through. I decided to put the real “show” pieces in this case. My decorative pie dishes, serving dishes, saucers, plates and that likeness.

And here is the shelf. Much less cluttered and so much more organized. My dishes along with Joe’s Moxie bottles were the first things to be moved over and set up-because they seemed to be the most time-consuming. Little did we know that wasn’t the case by far…It took us nearly a full two weeks to finish moving in.
Needless to say we are still in recovery and won’t be moving again any time soon. But I am ever so thankful to have room not only for my Pyrex but for my little Niko to grow up. He alone was quickly out growing the old apartment…ah, well, maybe some day we will own a house.



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4 responses to “Movin’ Ain’t Easy…

  1. Linda Leslie

    Good story of your move, Sarah. It is never easy, even with a pro mover coming in!!! I packed dishes for Jody to take from Nana’s and all went well. No scratches or breaks. They were left to him by Nana’s aunt that we called “Lo”. I love the pictures.

  2. Looking good!
    And, Granny’s right. There’s no such thing as an easy move…
    Can’t wait to see it in person!

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