Meeting the Queen….

Last week I had an afternoon with the Queen. I mentioned her once before when we met her a few months ago at Brimfield but who would have thought we would cross paths again? It all happened because we saw an ad on Craigslist for a large collection of Pyrex in Worcester and to email or call to request a viewing. So I sent her a text message and asked what sort of things she had-not knowing of course who she was wat that time. She gave me a call and started to run down the list of everything she had…after a long list which I can’t call to total memory she said the words “double boiler.” I jumped. “How much?” She took a breath, “Well, I’ve got 50 on it but I would do 20.” Without even really thinking I asked her to hold one for us and that we would be by the next day. She agreed and we hung up.
As we drove around the city Joe said, “Didn’t the women we met a few months back live in Worcester? what if its her?” I figured we had just about a 50/50 chance and as we got out of the car we saw her business card sitting in the wet street.
When we got upstairs she did not disappoint. She had a whole room of Pyrex…most of it in boxes. After chatting for a while and getting a brief history of Pyrex we started to pick through what she had. We brought 40 just in case there were other things we wanted…

The double boiler. Spent 20 dollars. According to most places they run anywhere from 50-80 dollars.

Separated serving dish. Spent 5. Roughly goes for about 12. I told her how we host Thanksgiving now and she told me how she use to call this dish the Thanksgiving Dish because the next day it was perfect for popping left overs in the oven!
Then…some..well, unbearably adorable pieces.

Lets start from the right. Two creamers for 5 dollars…not sure how much they really go for on their own right now. Then the little plastic Corning toys. I love these soooooo much. She got our last 10 for these (mostly because she wasn’t able to break the 20s we had). I love them so much. I can’t really contain how much I love them. You may be thinking “thats all 40, so where did the thermometer come from?” Well…we got to talking about owning our first gas stove and she handed us a Pyrex-yes Pyrex-oven thermometer!! For free!

For those interested, her non-shop  is called “Oh My Mother Had That!” She is really  a wonderful woman to meet and talk to and she will  sell you some quality stuff!



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2 responses to “Meeting the Queen….

  1. Linda Leslie

    Not my mother had, but I had a real coffee pot like the toy one that you have. I made lots of coffee in it. A friend knocked it off the kitchen counter and it was not replaceable. It wasn’t a big deal, it was hard to get the stains out of it. You had a truly exciting adventure. I’m glad you got the things you like. !!! LYB, Granny

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