A Big Blue Measuring Cup…

A few weeks ago my family attempted to go apple picking. But it was pouring rain so we chose to enjoy the country store at the Orchard instead. They’ve got their apples in bags, local made jams and syrups, penny candy and kitchen tools…but on another side they have a little “antique” area. Most of it is just junk, really. But sometimes you find a little treasure like we did.

This blue 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup! Our first and probably only blue cup to be found. After not having much luck looking around the internet for clues as to its age I asked Linda-the Queen-if she knew anything. And of course, she did. She told me that when people would visit the Pyrex factory they would be given these cups as a gift for going on the tour. As far as she told me, they were never meant to be sold at all! A sweet little find to be sure. We only paid about three dollars for it as well. I’ve still been unsuccessful in finding other information on it so if someone reads this and has anymore I would love some feed back!

We are currently on a spending lock down here in Wonderland…so except most posts to be about recipes.



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5 responses to “A Big Blue Measuring Cup…

  1. Linda Leslie

    Thanks for the pyrex lesson. I don’t think I ever saw a blue measuring cup.

  2. Hi!
    I found one of these at my local “junk” shop and it’s really useful–especially for making gravy and stuffing. It’s also so big that I’ve made pancakes right in it and they’re ready to pour out onto the griddle… I just met the Pyrex Queen~she is really awesome!

    • So glad to have a new reader! I love Linda so much shes such a useful person to have in your back pocket so to speak. Did you buy from her and are you a collector? Love to have someone else in the know around!

      • Hi there,

        Yes, I am a “local” Pyrex collector, too! I hunt for Pyrex on Craigslist (& everywhere else) and I called her up after reading your blog post about her. She’s so friendly that I wasn’t shy about meeting her. I bought some Autumn Harvest bowls from her (for Thanksgiving) and she threw in a small woodland Cinderella bowl as a gift–since I love that pattern. I also bought a brown onion casserole w/hugger. I was so thrilled and very happy I didn’t get lost on the way there! I am pleased to “meet you”, finally! It’s getting harder to find pyrex here in NH!

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