A White Pie Dish…

Before we went on our spending lock down we did come up with a few new pieces for real cheap. But I’m breaking them up into separate posts just to keep myself going…though I did find a new cinnamon roll recipe I will share with you all at some point. They’ve already been re-requested and they aren’t even gone yet. But anyway, let’s move on to this little dish.

This is our second colored pie dish-the first was a pinky coral colored one we bought at Brimfield for 4 dollars. We thought that was a killer deal then considering we hadn’t ever come across a colored dish and for such a low price at a huge flea market-but this little guy ended up being better…by a whole dollar! Silly that a dollar makes a difference but to me it sure does. A better deal is a better deal. We found it at a Co-Op in Sutton..but I can’t recall the name of the place. I know, horrible..shame on me..bad girl. But it was nearly a month ago now! I think that this little lady will make her debut at Thanksgiving with maybe a pumpkin pie inside. You know, for those who like pumpkin…I’ll have to make the chocolate in my moms old Corning blue flower dish. Since its always had chocolate pie in it I can’t break from it even for Pyrex.

Time to start tightening up Thanksgiving details, as a matter of fact…write will I can!



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2 responses to “A White Pie Dish…

  1. Linda Leslie

    I love the pie plate!! I DO remember when a dollar made a huge difference. Have fun doing Thanksgiving!! Love you bunches

  2. That was Granny’s pie plate first 🙂

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