What The What…

Okay all…Pyrex is a glass company. Its what they do; what they’re known for and what they have always done…so what is up with this picture?!

There is NO GLASS on any of these products! Come on, Pyrex…all you’re doing is slapping your name on cooking utensils. They seem like they would hold up, for sure..Just seems very weird to me. If you’ve built your brand around glass cookware why branch out into plastics?

No thank you, Pyrex!



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2 responses to “What The What…

  1. Nana

    WOW!!! I never saw anything like this called pyrex!! I will look at the stores and see what I have fund. I have a whisk like the one in the middle in your picture but it is the kind with the really big handles. Remember this is Granny on Nana’s computer!! LYB!!!

  2. The licensed the name for use by another company. Kitchen Aid was only appliances until very recently…

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