Some Love From England…

So remember how I told you that my beloved Jessica brought me over two new pieces of Pyrex from England? Well I am ready to share now! First is an unconventional piece that…well, I’m not too sure where to put!

A wall mounted scale! Are you kidding me! I adore it so much and she got it it…well, to say “ideal” shape would be an understatement. This little kitten hasn’t even been OPENED! Okay, so the box has…but the scale its self is still in the packaging. I’m breathlessly in love.

Next is a sweet little dish that lost our Thanksgiving battle. I wanted it on the table, but Joe argued it was much more of a spring time dish. So you better bet it is first in line for our Easter dinner!

How can anyone not love this? It is so English looking, to me. I can’t find a name for it despite my efforts on Pinterest and other sites. The JaJ Pyrex names seem to be harder to come by.

I love my gifts and I really do love my Jessiekins. We had just a great visit with her and I hope she and her wife come visit soon!



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6 responses to “Some Love From England…

  1. Wait – weren’t you just complaining a few weeks back about non-glass things with the Pyrex name ? 😉

  2. linda Leslie

    The dish that Jessica brought is amazingly beautiful. I have never seen anything like it before!!! You are lucky to have such a good friend.

  3. I would have died for this! So amazing!

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