Something Odd

First of all, merry belated Christmas! Second of all…Pyrex explodes. No no, don’t worry none of mine have recently gone to the great antique store in the sky. But I saw this morning (after a frantic call from my husband to turn on the Today show) that an independent research firm is coming out against glassware companies, saying that they are dangerous and that the amount of broken glass in food is on the rise.

This company did a study where in they took a Pyrex dish (new, not an older dish) and heated it to 500 degrees than dropped it on cold sand. Can anyone guess what happened? Yes, it shattered! Good job…What annoyed me most about this was that glass dishes are not suppose to be cooked at 500 or over and anyone who knows how to handle glassware knows this. A woman they interviewed said something to the effect of, “I took it from the oven and placed it on the counter and it shattered!” …Lady, did ya happen to have water on that counter?

Pyrex released a statement also saying that they have, “made Pyrex the same for generations without issue.” Again, this annoyed me because Pyrex has changed their formula before. We don’t have arsenic in our glassware anymore, guys. Any old, clear glass made by Pyrex has  a yellow tint has arsenic in it.

People, use some common sense when using your glass cookware. Don’t over heat it and don’t put it on anything wet and cold. Or sand. And do not blame the company. Now if its on a shelf and combusted…then you probably bought Anchor.

I tried to find a link to the study but have come up short so far.



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  1. linda Leslie

    Corning ware was invented because no other “glass” cookware would go from freezer to oven. It came, I believe, as a product of the space industry. YOU are 100% correct. Pyrex should never be that hot and no glass items at any temp should be set on a counter that might be wet. I would use the top of my electric range since the burners are under it!!! I am somewhat careful about Corning Ware!! Joe is a good, caring husband to call you to see that piece. Happy New Year!!!

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