From The Mad Hatter Himself…


I believe I have said before-either on a post about last Christmas or my birthday-that my dear husband, the Mad Hatter of this Wonderland is probably the worst-best-gift-giver I have ever known. He can out gift anyone, I think. This year he told me, “I didn’t get you any Pyrex for Christmas so don’t expect any…” But he was rather insistent that either my mother or brother order something for me from the internet. I thought he was fibbing about not finding any real pieces for the holiday. So I when I found my way down to my mothers Christmas afternoon I had a tube shaped gift waiting for me…My lovely baby brother had ordered it…I opened it, totally and utterly confused as it what it could be.

Wall art! Beautiful, Pyrex wall art! I’m assuming from Etsy or some place like that…I love and adore it and needless to say it went up on the wall rather quickly.

I did have another Pyrex gift waiting down in the good ol’ 401 (do kids down there still call Rhode Island that? It was a very in thing last I checked). This one came from my mama, but that is another post.

Since we have cut back so deeply on thrifting I am trying to stretch out my posts.

Love to you all!




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One response to “From The Mad Hatter Himself…

  1. The poster looks great!
    You should do a Stand Mixer post, too! 😉

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