From My Mama

I love my mom. I love my mom more the older I get…She is really just the best when it comes to advice-according to  my husband, all of our major purchases must be mom-approved first. Which is why we don’t have a dog…I plan to tap that advice even more so when the spring comes and I need help planting whatever kind of garden I can.

But right now I want to bring you back to Christmas. I knew what my big gift was from her because she had asked what color I wanted. But when I got down to her house on Christmas morning she told me she had another one for me. And she was (and is) proud of it.

IMG_20130110_115921A refrigerator dish matching the Friendship Pattern. She happily reported that she only paid 12 dollars for it! A good one, mama! The dish has no chips or fading at all and has already been put to use when frying up some drumsticks.

Now…My big gift. Its blue.

IMG_20130104_162109A Kitchen Aid! That matches my kitchen! I can’t begin to tell you how much I looooove this little lady. Of course its a lady, come on.  When I took this picture it was in the process of turning heavy cream into butter-a common practice in the house now. However I have also used it to make: bread, cake, pizza dough, whipped cream (made by Joe), and more…Later I plan to make some more Fluff. It is one of Joe’s favorite things to have for lunch (sorry to southerns who have no idea what I am talking about) and we’ve run out. We are on a mission to make as much at home as possible and spend less at stores. Its amazing what we can do with just raw materials!

IMG_20121230_145554Here are two loaves of egg bread I did…Ah so yummy! Half of one became a breakfast casserole.





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3 responses to “From My Mama

  1. I love you more the older you get, too, Sweetie. It’s great to be able to give presents that make a person this happy!

  2. linda Leslie

    Your mixer is lovely!! I had begun to wonder what it looked like and what you are making with it. Congratulations on all your cooking.

  3. linda Leslie

    ps…. have you ever looked at a site called “budge savvy diva?” Her stuff sounded good today on Mr. Food.

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