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An Unexpected Gift

So, I have this wonderful friend named Amber. I met her during my stint at the Community College of Rhode Island and we have since become close thanks to Facebook and Pinterest. As well as our common love of all things in the Geekdom (you know, its like the Kingdom of the Geeks) and our little boys.

Sometime around Christmas she sent me an email asking me for my current address because she had a “surprise” to send me. Thankfully, it was not a human head! Because Amber is so in tune with things I’m interested in…

IMG_20130221_142013Butterfly Gold salt and pepper shakers! She told me her Gram has the entire set but isn’t willing to part with it “just yet.” Me thinks the lady has her own eyes on it! Which I don’t think anyone would blame her for. Needless to say, I love them. I do have a set of Butterfly Gold S&Ps but they are white glass, not transparent. I think that maybe I will re-purpose these as just “seasoning” shakers. Put some garlic salt in one and maybe…say..some paprika in the other?

And now, a special message to Amber. I’m super thankful that we met. You are a wonderful friend and I wish that we weren’t so far apart and could actually spend time together. Hopefully this spring/summer we can get the kids to the beach or what have you. Thank you for being a spectacular person.


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100th Post!

Set off the fireworks and call your friends! I’ve finally reached 100 posts! I’m pretty happy with myself over that. And I couldn’t be happier to share with you all today what I have on such a momentous achievement. My other idea for the title of this post is I get by with a little help from my friends…or rather, my husbands customers. 

My husband has a customer who cleans out homes of, well, the dead and owns an antique shop. He knows that we collect Pyrex and Moxie things so is always keeping an eye out for something we might like. Ladies and gentlemen, just in time for our tax return, he delivers.

IMG_20130217_124321Pristine condition does not even being to describe these new pieces. Not a crack, scratch, scrap, or burn mark on the bottom. I can honestly say, I don’t believe these dishes were ever used. It is as if they walked out of a box from 1943!


Originally, we thought that the lids didn’t match the two sauce pots..but upon flipping through Barbara Mauzy’s book about Pyrex collecting, the lids do appear to be proper! I’m very pleased.

IMG_20130217_124306And of course, the crowning jewel in this Pyrex crown is this teapot. Teapots also were introduced in 1943 and sold for just $1.75 but now they got for about 25 dollars on Ebay- more if you pick them up at a flea market or antique store. Where as it may not have huge resale value I will still hold it as one of my crown jewels.

We bought all of these pieces for 60 dollars. Sounds steep to those who are use to reading about us finding a double boiler for 5 but when you consider that the sauce pans go for 30-40 each and another 25-30 for the teapot it is a good deal. And also, because he is a local dealer and a friend of my husbands we were more willing to spend a little extra.

With the recent finding of three new sauce pots, I believe now that I can stop mourning the loss of my little one that died less than a week ago.


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We’re On A Roll!

Even if it is only a small roll, we are on one for sure. It being tax season, we’ve had a little extra money to play with so obviously…we are. Yesterday we had a family lunch at Red Robin and it was nice-except the migraine I contracted after not having any coffee in the morning. Yes, we had another death here. The inner stem to my Pyrex peculator met its end at the hands of my toddler. It was a pretty rough morning to say the least. After Red Robin, when husband suggested going out to our favorite antique store-Wayside Antiques-I can’t say I was too thrilled. I felt so sick I wanted to curl up and cry (and vomit) but he had a plan to fix me. A stop at the gas station for water and Motrin followed by a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (with a turbo shot). Later rather than sooner, I was feeling better and was happier to go to Wayside.

After some looking we thought it was a miss, so I settled in to talking with the women working. I adore her, but can never remember her name. She remembers my collection, my husband, and of course my son. While we talked shop Niko ran off down the isle and daddy had to catch him but something else caught his eye (he did catch the child, too).

IMG_20130216_060847A handle! A Flamewear handle! And the price? 5 dollars! I think I’ve expressed before how hard it is to find handles at all -let alone find one for less than 15 dollars. To find one for only 5 was a huge find, so obviously, it came home. I explained to the woman working how they were used since she didn’t really have much of an idea and she said that another one had come through and when she found it she would put it in a drawer for me. The more handles the better!

I would write more, but woke up this morning covered in hives and writing is distracting from scratching my skin off.


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Finally, a Score…

It feels like years have passed since I last found a piece of Pyrex worth buying. Actually, it just feels like years since I even went looking. But yesterday we had a death…one of my beloved Pyrex Flamewear sauce pans went to the great glass pit in the sky. We’re really unsure as to how it happened, but after making corn in it for lunch and scraping out the food particles into the trash the bottom of the pot went with it. Just fell right off into the trash.

I went to sit in the living room and cry. Yes, I cried over a broken dish. Joe woke up from a nap and we decided to load up the kiddo and at least go deposit his paycheck. Savers is right next to the bank so there we went. Never expecting to find anything and always expecting to pay too much. I was wrong (as usual some may say). First there was this..

IMG_20130213_135559A replacement! Much bigger than the one that cracked but who is complaining about a bigger pot? Not I! They had a 4.99 sticker on it. Not bad, so we nabbed it. But what was sitting next to it was even more…shall we say…breath taking?

IMG_20130213_135543Yes! A double Boiler! It was in heaven…this would make our chocolate making adventures even more exciting. But it had two stickers-two prices-on it. 3.99 for one and 4.99 for the other. Nope, wasn’t going to stand for that injustice. When we went to the register to pay I asked nicely to speak to a manager and told the girl that the piece was a double boiler and should be sold at one price. The manager agreed and we paid 4.99 for all of it. BAM! I feel like that takes away all my loathing of Savers if only for a day.

As we near spring and summer this really got my yard-sale/ flea market juices flowing. Bring on the deals.


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Some Love From England…

So remember how I told you that my beloved Jessica brought me over two new pieces of Pyrex from England? Well I am ready to share now! First is an unconventional piece that…well, I’m not too sure where to put!

A wall mounted scale! Are you kidding me! I adore it so much and she got it it…well, to say “ideal” shape would be an understatement. This little kitten hasn’t even been OPENED! Okay, so the box has…but the scale its self is still in the packaging. I’m breathlessly in love.

Next is a sweet little dish that lost our Thanksgiving battle. I wanted it on the table, but Joe argued it was much more of a spring time dish. So you better bet it is first in line for our Easter dinner!

How can anyone not love this? It is so English looking, to me. I can’t find a name for it despite my efforts on Pinterest and other sites. The JaJ Pyrex names seem to be harder to come by.

I love my gifts and I really do love my Jessiekins. We had just a great visit with her and I hope she and her wife come visit soon!


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Thankful for Pyrex!

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year-much more put together than last year. We had less people, but they were people whom we love dearly. I did most of the cooking the day before, actually, so when Thursday came I really only had to form the rolls and put the turkey in. Once I did have the bird in, whom I named Fredrick, we set out to set the table. Complete with our new set of Pyrex tableware…

Here we have our table…Each place had a dinner plate and “salad” plate-which we used for rolls. Then in the center we have our Butterfly Gold salt and pepper shaker accompanied by the matching gravy boat. Our napkin rings are the Corning compatibles.

There is Freddy! I must say, he was yummy.

And here we have…the sides. Everything except the candles on the counter are Pyrex. Starting from the left:

Mashed potatoes in a large Friendship Cinderella dish

Carrots, broth and celery from the pan in a small Butterfly Gold Cinderella dish

Cheddar Cheese on the cheese plate

Crackers in the Cracker Barrel (original, huh?)

Stuffing by Hannah in a new Pyrex loaf pan

Mac and Cheese by Jesse in a large new Pyrex casserole dish

Corn and Peas in a split Town and Country dish

Roasted potatoes in the promotional piece Zodiac

And lastly, two plates of turkey meat on the platters from our unnamed full set.

You’d think we’d be done, huh? You think wrong…there is still dessert!

Here we have our two pies. Chocolate, in a 10 inch classic Pyrex pie plate and pumpkin in a newer flavor savor. In the green nesting bowl we have Joe’s homemade cinnamon whipped cream. And of course, in the center, oatmeal drop cookies. The cookies, however are not on a Pyrex dish. I love that little bird plate…we found it two summers ago at a yard sale.

So, there you all have it. Another Thanksgiving brought to you by the magic of Pyrex! Hope everyone had a great holiday.


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The whole set, folks!


I now officially own an ENTIRE set of Pyrex tableware!We recently got the best visit ever from my friend Jessica from England. She brought a gift…but I am saving that for another post.

We took her to our favorite Antique center in Bolyston, MA-Wayside to poke around. Apparently, the Brits don’t believe in antique stores. They have a few vintage shops but there aren’t many. After some browsing around I went to the back corner where I have been able to find many good pieces for great prices. When I turned the corner I saw a women in there dusting. I asked her if she was packing up the booth and she assured me that she was staying put…just cleaning up to make room for Christmas pieces. Then I saw the dishes.

I asked if they were Pyrex.

They were.

I asked how much.


I asked if she would take 25.

And she said yes.


It came home and was already put to use at Thanksgiving yesterday! I love them to death. It is a 42 piece set-plenty of dishes to feed everyone and anyone who walks through our door. Sadly, I can’t find a name for this pattern. Please let me know if anyone comes across one!

It is Black Friday and I actually have to go out…We’ve got a sick kiddo over here and he needs some cough syrup. Wish us luck…poor baby can hardly breath.


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