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Snowflakes in March

And no, I’m not talking about the fluffy white junk that keeps falling from the sky. I’m talking about two new dishes that my lovely Mama picked up for me! Really, I don’t think anyone wants to really hear about more real snow.


A separated dish in pristine condition! The mate finish doesn’t seem to be faded really at all, which is a big deal as anyone who owns a similar piece knows. Mate finished Pyrex are the fasted to die in a dishwasher…and I don’t think we need to have that conversation again, do we readers? This exact dish is going on Ebay for 22.99 in a few different auctions- Mama found it for 5.99 WITH lid! A few of the listings online do not include the lid. Fail.

IMG_20130325_123822Now, I had seen the separated dish before in a few flea markets and antique stores. But this little casserole dish? Never before! I was a little shocked, actually, when Mama sent a text saying she found it in such a form. This one is a little more worn than the other dish. But I love it no less. For this, she paid 3.99 for what is going for upwards of 35.99 on Ebay! Big thanks to the SAVERS in Fall River, Ma.

Ladies and Gentlemen: My Mother Is Awesome.

A little side note, if a I may…Finding dishes in ideal condition is great. But at the same time sad. Why didn’t anyone use it? They’re dishes, people! They are meant to be cooked in and have things mixed inside of them. I like a little wear on them is what I’m saying. I want to know that someone loved and used this before me…sort of like buying an old book. Though, dishes don’t have that wonderful smell…



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We’re On A Roll!

Even if it is only a small roll, we are on one for sure. It being tax season, we’ve had a little extra money to play with so obviously…we are. Yesterday we had a family lunch at Red Robin and it was nice-except the migraine I contracted after not having any coffee in the morning. Yes, we had another death here. The inner stem to my Pyrex peculator met its end at the hands of my toddler. It was a pretty rough morning to say the least. After Red Robin, when husband suggested going out to our favorite antique store-Wayside Antiques-I can’t say I was too thrilled. I felt so sick I wanted to curl up and cry (and vomit) but he had a plan to fix me. A stop at the gas station for water and Motrin followed by a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (with a turbo shot). Later rather than sooner, I was feeling better and was happier to go to Wayside.

After some looking we thought it was a miss, so I settled in to talking with the women working. I adore her, but can never remember her name. She remembers my collection, my husband, and of course my son. While we talked shop Niko ran off down the isle and daddy had to catch him but something else caught his eye (he did catch the child, too).

IMG_20130216_060847A handle! A Flamewear handle! And the price? 5 dollars! I think I’ve expressed before how hard it is to find handles at all -let alone find one for less than 15 dollars. To find one for only 5 was a huge find, so obviously, it came home. I explained to the woman working how they were used since she didn’t really have much of an idea and she said that another one had come through and when she found it she would put it in a drawer for me. The more handles the better!

I would write more, but woke up this morning covered in hives and writing is distracting from scratching my skin off.


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Finally, a Score…

It feels like years have passed since I last found a piece of Pyrex worth buying. Actually, it just feels like years since I even went looking. But yesterday we had a death…one of my beloved Pyrex Flamewear sauce pans went to the great glass pit in the sky. We’re really unsure as to how it happened, but after making corn in it for lunch and scraping out the food particles into the trash the bottom of the pot went with it. Just fell right off into the trash.

I went to sit in the living room and cry. Yes, I cried over a broken dish. Joe woke up from a nap and we decided to load up the kiddo and at least go deposit his paycheck. Savers is right next to the bank so there we went. Never expecting to find anything and always expecting to pay too much. I was wrong (as usual some may say). First there was this..

IMG_20130213_135559A replacement! Much bigger than the one that cracked but who is complaining about a bigger pot? Not I! They had a 4.99 sticker on it. Not bad, so we nabbed it. But what was sitting next to it was even more…shall we say…breath taking?

IMG_20130213_135543Yes! A double Boiler! It was in heaven…this would make our chocolate making adventures even more exciting. But it had two stickers-two prices-on it. 3.99 for one and 4.99 for the other. Nope, wasn’t going to stand for that injustice. When we went to the register to pay I asked nicely to speak to a manager and told the girl that the piece was a double boiler and should be sold at one price. The manager agreed and we paid 4.99 for all of it. BAM! I feel like that takes away all my loathing of Savers if only for a day.

As we near spring and summer this really got my yard-sale/ flea market juices flowing. Bring on the deals.


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The whole set, folks!


I now officially own an ENTIRE set of Pyrex tableware!We recently got the best visit ever from my friend Jessica from England. She brought a gift…but I am saving that for another post.

We took her to our favorite Antique center in Bolyston, MA-Wayside to poke around. Apparently, the Brits don’t believe in antique stores. They have a few vintage shops but there aren’t many. After some browsing around I went to the back corner where I have been able to find many good pieces for great prices. When I turned the corner I saw a women in there dusting. I asked her if she was packing up the booth and she assured me that she was staying put…just cleaning up to make room for Christmas pieces. Then I saw the dishes.

I asked if they were Pyrex.

They were.

I asked how much.


I asked if she would take 25.

And she said yes.


It came home and was already put to use at Thanksgiving yesterday! I love them to death. It is a 42 piece set-plenty of dishes to feed everyone and anyone who walks through our door. Sadly, I can’t find a name for this pattern. Please let me know if anyone comes across one!

It is Black Friday and I actually have to go out…We’ve got a sick kiddo over here and he needs some cough syrup. Wish us luck…poor baby can hardly breath.


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A White Pie Dish…

Before we went on our spending lock down we did come up with a few new pieces for real cheap. But I’m breaking them up into separate posts just to keep myself going…though I did find a new cinnamon roll recipe I will share with you all at some point. They’ve already been re-requested and they aren’t even gone yet. But anyway, let’s move on to this little dish.

This is our second colored pie dish-the first was a pinky coral colored one we bought at Brimfield for 4 dollars. We thought that was a killer deal then considering we hadn’t ever come across a colored dish and for such a low price at a huge flea market-but this little guy ended up being better…by a whole dollar! Silly that a dollar makes a difference but to me it sure does. A better deal is a better deal. We found it at a Co-Op in Sutton..but I can’t recall the name of the place. I know, horrible..shame on me..bad girl. But it was nearly a month ago now! I think that this little lady will make her debut at Thanksgiving with maybe a pumpkin pie inside. You know, for those who like pumpkin…I’ll have to make the chocolate in my moms old Corning blue flower dish. Since its always had chocolate pie in it I can’t break from it even for Pyrex.

Time to start tightening up Thanksgiving details, as a matter of fact…write will I can!


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This post is only half about some pieces I recently bought at the last Brimfield of the year. I want to get something out of the way first though.
It has to do with respect for the people you buy from. At last months Brimfield we met a dealer-a woman, a wife, and a mother-who seemed to be losing the magic of selling at big markets. When we first walked up to her tent she wasn’t even there…just her husband. Joe spotted some separated plates as well as Flamewear handles. He asked the husband if he would be willing to do 25 for 4 dishes and one Flamewear with handle (originally, she wanted 5 a piece of the dishes and 12 for the Flamewear)…To quote what came across the walkie-talkie, “Absolutely not! I will be RIGHT there!” So we waited…And when she showed up she saw, I believe, that we were not “pickers,” or people looking to rip her off. I pleaded our case to her. Expressing that I did not want to buy them to resell but to give them a home and put them to use once again. After a moment of thought she agreed and wrapped them up. I stayed to talk with her a while and listened to her lament about the people-the pickers-who turn her tables nearly upside down to see what she hasn’t put out and don’t respect the fact she has spent time setting up what is out already. Also, that people are treating Brimfield and other big markets like a rummage sale, only wanting to pay pennies for what cost them a few dollars to buy and even more to get to this show. She told me they drive six hours with a large box truck then have to unpack, sort, price, clean and really spend most of their time just trying to break even by weeks end. My heart was breaking the longer we talked and I finally said to her, “I really need to hug you, I think you need it.” She did, it seemed.
The conversation after that became a little more light-hearted. We chatted about Pyrex murder-a term of mine she loved and then used to describe several dishes that were picked up for her. She pulled out a small yellow 300 bowl and said, “See this? Someone left it next to something metal and it is in terrible shape. I don’t have time to clean this…If you do, its yours.” I asked if she was sure and she said, “yep, take it.” And I did…

And so the little dish came home and completed my Yellow 300 set. But this post isn’t about Pyrex really…It is about the people you are buying it from. Yes, we got some amazing pieces. According to our Pyrex book, the plates retail for 15-18 each. The Flamewear skillet goes for 20-25 and they’re so pricey because of the handles. The dishes are a dime a dozen at thrift stores but the handles were never as mass-produced. You got a set of dishes and one handle for the set…Anyway, amazing deals, yes. But to be honest it matters so little to me right now how much we “scored.” I really want to drive home with all of you that these are people with lives and need to make a living selling at these shows.
They travel for YOU.
They clean things for YOU.
They provide YOU with the things you want.
Respect them.
End rant.


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Savers Is The Devil

I’ve written a few posts about how my once beloved Savers has been jacking their prices but today I come to you with some photo evidence. Some of these aren’t bad, I will admit…but some of them just made me itchy. The bad kind of itchy not the “I’m itching to get that,” kind of itchy.
I think I also mentioned once before how I finally confronted the manager of our closest Savers about their prices. Pointing out that certain things should be sold as sets-not just in the housewares section. As an example I used a kids table and chairs…they wanted 10 for the table and then priced each bench seat separately for 5 dollars a piece. What sort of insanity is that for a second-hand shop? Especially one that is in such a poor neighborhood as this one is. The Pyrex Queen I met at Brimfield agreed. To quote her, “Its friggin Webster Square in Worcester…how do they expect people to pay these prices?”
I should probably stop ranting before you all stop reading…Oh…wait…this whole post is a mini rant. Stick it out, folks!

Looks pretty nice, huh? Large dish with cover…but the cover is scratched and faded. There was also a chip in one of the handles. What did they ask for this dented dish? 9 dollars. Again, not the most outrageous of prices but still high for a store that has built its reputation on having low prices for a good cause.

This dish actually goes with theĀ  Friendship collection and I have to say…I really wanted it. Unlike the first dish it wasn’t faded or chipped-but they wanted 8 dollars for something that should cost about 4. It hurt to pass on.

These two yellow dishes were clearly donated as a result of not being sold at a yard sale. The little tag on the inside said 2 for 2.50…What did Savers price them at? 3.99 EACH! Not sold as a set.

And this…well, this is just murder. Pyrex Murder. People, please for the love of all things Kitcheny DO NOT PUT YOUR OLD PYREX IN THE DISHWASHER!!! Despite being a total loss to whoever buys this, Savers still wanted 3 dollars. Sorry, but I wouldn’t even pay 50 cents for it.

This large green dish I believe is a match to the Spring Blossom collection…but 10 dollars? Maybe 6.

6 dollars for a small Autumn Harvest Cinderella dish…Nope. See that basic Corning dish next to it? Roughly the same size but half the price! If only Corn Flower was interesting enough to collect…

Now this is a shinning example of the way things should be sold as set of 4 cups. Why doesn’t Savers sell all things as sets? Because they’re lame and have clearly lost touch with their fair pricing system.
As it was explained to me their new system goes by a scale of 1-5. If something comes in and is a lower number on “the scale” it gets a lower price..but if something on the higher end comes up then the price will reflect that. Now, that makes sense…except that who is back there making this call? ONE PERSON! One person is in charge of all the pricing. How does that make sense at all? It doesn’t…
I need to stop before I get too worked up. I think its time to stick to flea markets and yard sales…


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