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An Unexpected Gift

So, I have this wonderful friend named Amber. I met her during my stint at the Community College of Rhode Island and we have since become close thanks to Facebook and Pinterest. As well as our common love of all things in the Geekdom (you know, its like the Kingdom of the Geeks) and our little boys.

Sometime around Christmas she sent me an email asking me for my current address because she had a “surprise” to send me. Thankfully, it was not a human head! Because Amber is so in tune with things I’m interested in…

IMG_20130221_142013Butterfly Gold salt and pepper shakers! She told me her Gram has the entire set but isn’t willing to part with it “just yet.” Me thinks the lady has her own eyes on it! Which I don’t think anyone would blame her for. Needless to say, I love them. I do have a set of Butterfly Gold S&Ps but they are white glass, not transparent. I think that maybe I will re-purpose these as just “seasoning” shakers. Put some garlic salt in one and maybe…say..some paprika in the other?

And now, a special message to Amber. I’m super thankful that we met. You are a wonderful friend and I wish that we weren’t so far apart and could actually spend time together. Hopefully this spring/summer we can get the kids to the beach or what have you. Thank you for being a spectacular person.


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Shepards Pie

So…it’s been a while, I know. Life gets in the way of blogging some times (actually most of the time) but my Pyrexing hasn’t stopped. We’ve found a few new pieces that I will eventually get around to sharing and as always, we’re using our dishes on a daily basis. Which brings me to todays recipe.
It has been raining a lot lately and what goes better with rain that comfort food? Answer: nothing. Joe wanted Shepard’s Pie so I thought hey why not and he said, “we’ll actually take pictures this time so we can use it as a post and your readers won’t think you gave up.” Good idea, husband.
First he had sliced some potatoes, cooked and mashed them up with heavy cream. Since we didn’t use Pyrex for this there are no pictures…Same goes for the gravy. Let me tell you about the gravy that he makes…It is probably the best home-made gravy I’ve ever had. No offense to the gravy that my stepfather makes on holidays but I just love Joes. Also, since Joe doesn’t eat meat we use Morning Star fake ground beef for this. Simply cook it up with whatever  flavorings you’d like until warm through.
As for what we used the Pyrex for…

Cream corn to begin with! Cream corn is not my favorite…I love corn, but not with the added thickness just seems weird.

Layer 1: gravy

Layer 2: ground beef

Layer 3: corn

Layer 4: mashed potatoes

Layer 5: more gravy
Bake at 350 until the mashed potatoes get a good crust on them…If you do gravy on top you probably won’t get that crust. I think we had ours in roughly 15 minutes.

The finished product was just what we all needed on a rainy night. I used the Butterfly Gold large casserole dish for this because I needed a little summer for the day.
Hope to write again soon!


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May The Fourth Be With You

As many of you may be aware May fourth is International Star Wars day and you may also be aware that (if you have followed this blog for any amount of time) my husband and I love to entertain and host parties for silly “holidays.” So when May fourth rolled around this year I told Joe we had to have a party for all of our Star Wars loving friends. First, we notified guests that it would be a cook out but as the day drew nearer the rain moved in…so we moved the party inside. We needed a menu…a Star Wars themed menu.

I like to think I’m clever…please agree.
For our Jar Jar Drumsticks we picked up some value packs of chicken drumsticks and bathed them in our favorite homemade sauces. Mine, a sweet apple sauce based bbq and Joe’s Moxie bbq sauce-we set aside some plain ones just done in olive oil and some seasoning in case anyone wasn’t feeling adventurous. This is where the Pyrex comes in! Joe had the utterly brilliant idea to slow cook the chicken all afternoon (roughly 5 hours at 250) and let me tell you…it paid off.

In the large Butterfly Gold dish we have my sweet Jar-Jar Drumsticks! In Pressed Flower dish we have Joe’s Moxie Jar Jars and in the last dish-Mod Kitchen pattern-we have our plain ones.
How many Pyrex pieces can you count in that one picture?
Lastly, I made some Bantha Milk which is what is widely accepted as the blue milk that Luke Skywalker drinks in episode 4.

And of course, I put it in my Old Town Blue pitcher.
The party was a pretty big hit and the drumsticks were amazing. I wish I had gotten a picture of Jil’s Wookie Cookies but things just got away from us.
Again I apologize for the lack of posting. It’s just the times, I suppose. I do love my blog and my readers and I find that I still get a lot of hits on the day-to-day from people looking for information on baby bottles and patterns! Thank you for keeping up with me!


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Wayside Score!

Well, I found some fun things the other day while we were out killing time. After months of not going near a real “Antique Store,” we stopped in to one of our favorites-WaySide Antiques in West Boylston. An elderly woman there is always happy to see us greeting us with, “hey its the Pyrex people!”
Normally we don’t pick anything up until we’ve done whole round of the store but today was different. The stars lined up, Hell had a frost, and a Red Sox actually won a game (sorry guys…you’ve been pretty bad so far). We picked up a bowl. From a 300 bowl set. In the pattern of…Horizon Blue!

How lovely! I was elated. The other day I was browsing through patterns on Pintrest and stopped on Horizon Blue and said, “Oh I wish I had a piece in that!” And then what shall appear?! This bowl. Beautifully priced at 12 dollars. Now, if I had found this at SAVERS for the same price I would have jumped on it there too. It is more than I would normally pay for a bowl but since it isn’t a pattern I come across often I couldn’t let it go. The booth it was in never has any sales, either.
Sales. That brings me to my next little piece! She was half off..

Old Town Blue! Yes, we do already have this dish..but she was only 2.25! We plan to resell this little beauty for around 7 dollars when we set up at a flea market this summer…or maybe I’ll just have a Pyrex yard sale. Okay! Next pieces..Yes, pieces.

Salt and Pepper shakers!!! They were marked as Corelle and the tops were taped on…so we had no choice but to believe they were in fact Corelle. Which isn’t a problem because I adore Butterfly Gold so much that I just wanted them so badly. They were 4 dollars for both. A perfect bargain for such sweet shakers. Upon getting them home and removing the tape we didn’t find the word Corelle…but Pyrex on the top of the shaker stopper! AHHHH! How exciting! I couldn’t wait to share my finds with everyone.
Brimfeild is just around the corner, folks…I hope you’re ready for some epic updates!


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Good Ol’ Savers

Yesterday we went to our beloved SAVERS-which as has been less beloved as of late because they are getting pretty…how shall we say…big in the britches with their prices. Thankfully, we were able to find a few pieces with fair prices and things we had been wanting.

Lets start with the mugs. The outer most mug is in the Ribbon Bouquet pattern and we purchased four mugs for 1.50. I hadn’t seen this pattern in a thrift store or antique store before so it was very exciting to find yesterday. Next we have my current favorite pattern-Old Town Blue also four for 1.50.
Next we found a Butterfly Gold saucer to match the gravy dish we have waiting for our good friends when they find a place of their own!
Then came two “biggies”…a sugar dish and creamer! Now, these little guys are hard to find but their evil twins are not.

This is NOT PYREX! Notice how the butterflies have large open wings? NOT PYREX! This doesn’t have a brand either so we have no idea where the evil came from. It comes in a sugar bowl and creamer set but is a fake-so ignore it when you see it!
And lastly…this little guy

Normally, I don’t allow Fire King in my house but for this I made an exception. He was just too pretty and too cute not to bring home and at a total of 3 dollars. We will use it as a sugar dish for day-to-day and when we have breakfast parties we will use the Butterfly Gold pieces.
We noticed a lot of Butterfly Gold pieces in general so we think that someone who collected the pattern must have died or run out of room for it. We ended up lucking out no matter what happened.

Oh..and p.s: who thought these went together?! I mean honestly, people…

This did not come home. It needed too much cleaning. And Kim found us the lid already!


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Mom needs a moment…and cornbread

How many moms read my blog? I know of at least two-my mother and grandmother-and I’m sure there are others. To all of those other moms let me tell a story that I’m sure you know all too well.
Your day starts at 5:30 with a little boy (or girl) who wakes up fully charged and ready to go so up you get only half as ready. Coffee. Breakfast for the kiddo and you’re already wondering when he’ll go down for a nap. The hours start to drift by without even a glimpse of a nap. Husband is, in my case, sleeping for work (most other people’s husband would be at work-but mine works 3rd shift) and is unable to take the baby for a few minutes. By noon, baby is clingy and sleepy but unwilling to give in to a nap. By two, you’re on the verge of crying as much as he is because you’re both ready for a good break. And then, he crashes and you can breathe again. In the back of your mind a screaming voice says BAKE SOMETHING BEFORE YOU LOSE IT!
Skillet Cornbread from the one and only Paula Deen. Normally, this woman scares me but my mother in law bought me her Southern Cooking Bible for Christmas and I’ve really fallen in love with it. Despite my distaste for most things southern, the one thing I will always love is the cooking (in small amounts, of course..my butt is big enough). I picked cornbread because it was about 5 degrees outside that day and from what I read in Ms. Deen’s recipe, it seemed like a quick dish that could be finished before the little man woke up. Shall we begin on our cornbread adventure?!

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. In a 9 inch cast iron skillet melt down 1/4 cup of lard or shortening and be sure to coat the edges of the pan as you will be baking your bread in this!

Mix together in your favorite Pyrex bowl 2 cups cornmeal, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon of salt. Set aside. I chose Butterfly Gold because…well, golden cornbread from a golden butterfly..it was silly but I needed silly that afternoon.
In a smaller bowl whisk together two large eggs and 1 cup of buttermilk.

Combine the two mixtures together then fold in the melted shortening.

Allow to cook for about 25 minutes or when it is firm to the touch and a pretty golden color. Paula says serve warm…I cut myself a wedge right out to go with my much-needed cup of coffee.

To warp up the story from earlier: my boy woke up at 4 and did not go back down until nearly 9 and it is now his pattern. I’ve been a tired lady as of late…our kitchen is also “under construction” while we wait for a NEW new bookshelf for the Pyrex. While trying to assemble the new one we bought with Christmas money, Joe noticed they gave us the wrong parts…so our new one won’t be in until Saturday. There is Pyrex all over the table and no space to really do much so if the next post isn’t for a few more days than you know why. No room to breath! Don’t believe me? Check it out…

On the table...

Two on the table shots..

UNDER the table even!

See what I mean? No room! Pray for us, folks.


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Cinderella Bowls

Tis the season for cookies…and as you can see, I’ve been baking lots of those. This will not, however, be a baking post. I want to share with everyone a little history of my favorite type of dish: the Cinderella dish.

Enough cookies? No? I'll make more!

Introduced in 1958, the Cinderella dish is most recognizable by the two spouts/handles on either side of the dish. The Pyrex first dish I ever received was a Spring Blossom Cinderella dish, and it will always be special for that reason.  Since the Cinderella dishes were introduced in the late 50s early 60s, the colors and patterns reflected the times (ie: Amish Butterprint from 1959) They range in sizes from the very large (2 qt) to the very small (1 pint) which gives you a range of options for using your Cinderella dishes. On Thanksgiving, we used the Amish Butterprint pint dish hold M&Ms and currently have a large left-over baked pasta in a Butterfly Gold Cinderella dish-2 qts.

Most of my Cinderella collection. The ones not in the fridge

When I first started collecting I thought, “how neat, handles!” but little did I know how “neat” that would really turn out to be. We’ve found more uses for these handles than I can really count…but I’ll try to list some.

  • Seasoning homemade French fries/ roasted potatoes
  • Easy transfer from oven to table
  • Messy hands? Don’t wanna muck up the rest of the bowl? Carry it by the handles with your forearms.
  • Use the handles as spouts to pour a puree or soup.
  • Holding M&Ms and other small candies (for the smaller dishes)
  • Baking
  • Mixing-the handles help with hard to mix breads when you’re doing things without a mixer.

Seeing as there are seven listed, you can imagine I’m having a small brain malfunction. I’ve got these cookies to decorate and hand out today. Eggnog cookies, sugar cookies, buttermilk cookies and some oatmeal drop cookies. The oatmeal ones are obviously not going to be frosted but the others are in need of attention.

I’ll have a better post for everyone soon…These holidays are getting crazy. Until then, enjoy an adorable picture of my son with tape on his head.

Daddy put tape on my head!


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