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100th Post!

Set off the fireworks and call your friends! I’ve finally reached 100 posts! I’m pretty happy with myself over that. And I couldn’t be happier to share with you all today what I have on such a momentous achievement. My other idea for the title of this post is I get by with a little help from my friends…or rather, my husbands customers. 

My husband has a customer who cleans out homes of, well, the dead and owns an antique shop. He knows that we collect Pyrex and Moxie things so is always keeping an eye out for something we might like. Ladies and gentlemen, just in time for our tax return, he delivers.

IMG_20130217_124321Pristine condition does not even being to describe these new pieces. Not a crack, scratch, scrap, or burn mark on the bottom. I can honestly say, I don’t believe these dishes were ever used. It is as if they walked out of a box from 1943!


Originally, we thought that the lids didn’t match the two sauce pots..but upon flipping through Barbara Mauzy’s book about Pyrex collecting, the lids do appear to be proper! I’m very pleased.

IMG_20130217_124306And of course, the crowning jewel in this Pyrex crown is this teapot. Teapots also were introduced in 1943 and sold for just $1.75 but now they got for about 25 dollars on Ebay- more if you pick them up at a flea market or antique store. Where as it may not have huge resale value I will still hold it as one of my crown jewels.

We bought all of these pieces for 60 dollars. Sounds steep to those who are use to reading about us finding a double boiler for 5 but when you consider that the sauce pans go for 30-40 each and another 25-30 for the teapot it is a good deal. And also, because he is a local dealer and a friend of my husbands we were more willing to spend a little extra.

With the recent finding of three new sauce pots, I believe now that I can stop mourning the loss of my little one that died less than a week ago.



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A White Pie Dish…

Before we went on our spending lock down we did come up with a few new pieces for real cheap. But I’m breaking them up into separate posts just to keep myself going…though I did find a new cinnamon roll recipe I will share with you all at some point. They’ve already been re-requested and they aren’t even gone yet. But anyway, let’s move on to this little dish.

This is our second colored pie dish-the first was a pinky coral colored one we bought at Brimfield for 4 dollars. We thought that was a killer deal then considering we hadn’t ever come across a colored dish and for such a low price at a huge flea market-but this little guy ended up being better…by a whole dollar! Silly that a dollar makes a difference but to me it sure does. A better deal is a better deal. We found it at a Co-Op in Sutton..but I can’t recall the name of the place. I know, horrible..shame on me..bad girl. But it was nearly a month ago now! I think that this little lady will make her debut at Thanksgiving with maybe a pumpkin pie inside. You know, for those who like pumpkin…I’ll have to make the chocolate in my moms old Corning blue flower dish. Since its always had chocolate pie in it I can’t break from it even for Pyrex.

Time to start tightening up Thanksgiving details, as a matter of fact…write will I can!


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Charlton Flea How I Love Thee

It has been a while since we last went to the flea market in Charlton not for lack of wanting but really, for lack of time. We have been so busy getting our summer projects started that thrifting and flea marketing has taken a side seat-not a back seat. NEVER a back seat.
As you’ve read before we always strike gold in Charlton mostly because of Shirely (finally learned her name) and her unending supply of Pyrex. It was just meant to be that we would come in the day she had a sign that all Pyrex lovers want to see…50 % OFF ALL PYREX! I instantly sent the picture to Kim, my soul mate and then started to plow through what she had.

There was this little guy that I fell deeply in love with first. I think because I have such a crush on Old Town Blue that I have started to gravitate towards more blue patterns. This one is called, according to Pyrex Love, Blue Floral and is often refered to as Old Town Blue on places like ebay. To me, this is a promotional piece but some places don’t list it as such…even though it is only found in the 1 qt Cinderella dish. I feel as though I should put some sort of…pudding in it. I have no idea why but sometimes when I see a dish I think of the food I should put in it. For example, when I found my Homestead dish I wanted to make some sweet potato casserole in it. Fyi: I did.

Now, Joe was hellbound to bring this guy home. I do love it because I love loaf pans and haven’t found one with any pattern on it before…but it is bittersweet to find it in the favorite pattern of a friend! I believe that because Spring Blossom was such a popular pattern that it was slapped on almost any and every dish Pyrex could make. The same goes for Butterfly Gold-these both are patterns that Corelle has printed on their tableware for many years. It is also a pattern that is “ripped off,” by a nameless company…You’ll know they are a fake if they fail the following test:
1: There is no Pyrex or Corelle trademark
2: The patterns will be over exaggerated.
3: They will appear in a large creamer or sugar bowl dish with the words “sugar” and “creamer” in with the print.
Give everything a good look over before you buy anything or risk looking like a fool. I didn’t intend to give a little lesson here but sometimes you just roll with where you go!


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With Love From Kim

If I had the time to sit here and write a real Ode to my friend Kim I would. But I don’t, sadly and probably lack the skill to write a decent one. Either way, I love the girl. She understands the madness that I (and lets face it, every Pyrex collector) feels-the thrill of the hunt, the sorrow when finding a piece someone didn’t take care of, or the anger at an antique shop/thrift store that thinks what they have is the should cost 40 dollars. If I had to find a Pyrex soul-mate, it would be Kim.
Kim, if you’re still reading I promise all the mushy gooshy stuff is over. Maybe. We’ll see.
A few weeks back we had Kim and her husband Roger over for lunch and another Pyrex swap. It was beyond fun and a great chance to get to know Roger-who rocks. Joe made a baked pasta and I had some rolls ready to go and after lunch…well, we got down to it.
It had been so long since our first swap that I couldn’t exactly remember what I had told Kim to grab for me…it turned into a Pyrex Christmas.
First, a decorative lid.

A lid from roughly the 1920s

Then, a separated dish with Verde lid. I love the lid so much and have seen it at the Charlton Flea before but the woman wanted about 12 for just the lid. Too much and I believe what Kim picked it up for was 5, tops.

Next is another separated dish-this one blue with the Snowflake pattern on the top. This is a little throw back to the first thing we bought from Kim-snowflake refrigerator dishes. For this pattern we now have the separated dish, refrigerator dishes and a butter dish-we’re clearly ready for next winter!

Then there is the one I am calling “Big Boy.” though the pattern does have a real name. I hadn’t realized when I saw the picture she sent me from Savers how large this dish was. But, I have resolved that it is clearly to be used for roasting chickens. Which I may be doing some time this week! I forgot to take a picture of this dish but the pattern on it is Golden Scroll. Lovely for fall or spring cooking I believe!

Next I unwrapped a large yellow refrigerator dish

Followed by something I do already have one of but since they seem so hard to find I wouldn’t turn it away: a Butterfly Gold creamer!

As Kim and Roger were getting ready to leave she mentions the mac and cheese she had brought in a Pink Gooseberry dish. She mentions that it is a gift! Now, I have a secret love for Gooseberry. It’s so playful and light but can cost an arm and both legs. I do have one other piece in the pattern-a black and white Cinderella dish. I also know that Kim loves the pattern so for her to give this to me was huge. I cannot ever repay her for how much I love this gift.

It was an amazing afternoon and one I hope to soon repeat though I know she is busy with school and work. I know that my posts have been far and few between lately but I swear its for good reason. The weather has been up and down so on the up days we’re outside- something the active toddler in my life loves. On the down days I’m baking corn muffins…which, when the rain comes this afternoon I’ll be doing again.

Recipe coming soon!


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More Pyrex Baby Bottles!

I’m sure that you all remember (or I hope that some of you do, anyway) that a few weeks back we found a woman on craigslist selling an old Pyrex baby bottle. I was elated because they are not something too easily found…until yesterday.
We’ve been holding off going to thrift stores because we are saving as much money as possible for a house but yesterday we had a calling. Well okay, not a calling-Joe wants to make a double boiler with a Pyrex dish so we were going to look for a cheap piece that we wouldn’t be sad about losing if the experiment went poorly. While walking up and down the isles I heard a sudden and very urgent call of, “Hun!” What had my Mad Hatter found?

More baby bottles! Yes you heard me – MORE PYREX BABY BOTTLES! What joy. What beauty. What a happy day! Two of the two bottles above say Pyrex for Evenflo and the third one simply days Evenflo though as I learned with the first bottle we acquired Pyrex glass was used for Evenflo bottles even if it not noted on the bottle itself. According to my Pyrex collectors guide, these bottles normally fetch 25-30 dollars at a flea market/antique store but at SAVERS we paid .99 cents per bottle! A steal, to be sure.
Next we found these…

Davol Feed Rite bottles do not say they are a Pyrex product but upon some looking we found some on ebay with a label inside saying they are in fact Pyrex. We haven’t found anything online about he Davol company only places like Ebay and Etsy who have them for sale. Sort of exhausting to find something so neat but then have no idea about where it came from!
We did find two other pieces while out yesterday as well. A dish for our double boiler experiment and a second Old Town Blue gravy dish. Thinking of re-selling the gravy dish come flea market season since we are considering renting out a table at a flea this summer.

Thats our whole lot. A nice little splurge for some amazing baby bottles and two extra pieces.


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New Page


Hey readers! You may have noticed we have added a new page. It is a pattern reference for anyone looking to identify something they have found. Unlike other Pyrex sites we will not be hosting pictures of things that we do not own/have not encountered in the wild.

Please enjoy the new page and feel free to leave some feedback! It is of course a work in progress and will be updated the more we discover pattern!




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The Great Pyrex Swap

Some woman swap cookies or old family recipes. My fellow Pyrex junkie and I got together today for our first swap meet despite the nastiest weather we’ve had since October. Though we both knew what the other had come to swap it was still like Christmas…Pyrex Christmas in a Dunkin’ Donuts. Here is what we brought for her:

Her favorite pattern is the Spring Blossom and as many of you know-we’ve got a lot of that! A lot more than we could ever use so why not pass it along to our new friend? Four mugs and a butter dish. Then a little dish we picked up for her at the Salvation Army in town. It is called Golden Tulip and was a promotional piece from 1959. A very sweet little dish!
Now…before I show you what she brought to the table I gotta say-she outdid us. Next time we’ve gotta find some really amazing pieces for her. Be ready, Kim!

See what I mean! Girls got it! I mean…where do I even start? The Old Town Blue creamer makes my heart flutter, the Bake a Round makes me weak in the knees, the custard cups make me want to clutch my pearls…well, that is if I wore any. The Cinderella dish I can’t seem to find a name for but I’m so in love with its ornate pattern. Almost like a noble family crest…perhaps the Steinmetz family will adopt it as one.
Kim seems to have a great way of reading people-especially my husband. She brought him a “surprise” which turned out to be this little lid here.

Pyrex began engraving lids, loaf pans, pie dishes and casserole dishes as early as 1918 but by the 1940s it was discontinued. Some say that they stopped because it became to pricey to produce where as some believe that the changing styles of the new decade left the engraving “dated.” Either way, the engraved pieces are hard to find and can be very pricey when found.

The Bake a Round will most likely be put to use as soon as this evening. It came with recipes for breads I haven’t yet attempted I’m going to try my hand at Italian as we have friends coming for pasta night.
After some great conversation and baby playing the four of us headed off to find a Goodwill. It wasn’t there. So we ventured off to the Quaboag Valley Antique Center, which turned out to be around the corner from the Dunkin’s we were at. It was fun and especially fun to go hunting with our new comrade. Joe found a Pyrex percolator in amazing condition but they were asking 38 for it-money we just don’t have to spend on replacing the one Niko cracked.
But…Joe did find something. Something amazing.

Our first piece of Pyrex advertising! I couldn’t be more excited-oh wait, I could! It only cost 4.25! Kim was also able to purchase a twin to our cheese plate as well as a gift for a friend. It was a very good trip. We asked the sweet old woman running the shop (or, she seemed to be anyway) if there was still a Goodwill in town. She let us know that they moved it down the road. Sadly, we all equally struck out there though it was good to know where in fact it was.
Niko was starting to crank and Joe had a in Leominster that evening so we parted ways. Clearly, it was a great first Pyrex Swap and we can’t wait to do it again.
It’s beyond fun to have a fellow junkie!


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