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Snowflakes in March

And no, I’m not talking about the fluffy white junk that keeps falling from the sky. I’m talking about two new dishes that my lovely Mama picked up for me! Really, I don’t think anyone wants to really hear about more real snow.


A separated dish in pristine condition! The mate finish doesn’t seem to be faded really at all, which is a big deal as anyone who owns a similar piece knows. Mate finished Pyrex are the fasted to die in a dishwasher…and I don’t think we need to have that conversation again, do we readers? This exact dish is going on Ebay for 22.99 in a few different auctions- Mama found it for 5.99 WITH lid! A few of the listings online do not include the lid. Fail.

IMG_20130325_123822Now, I had seen the separated dish before in a few flea markets and antique stores. But this little casserole dish? Never before! I was a little shocked, actually, when Mama sent a text saying she found it in such a form. This one is a little more worn than the other dish. But I love it no less. For this, she paid 3.99 for what is going for upwards of 35.99 on Ebay! Big thanks to the SAVERS in Fall River, Ma.

Ladies and Gentlemen: My Mother Is Awesome.

A little side note, if a I may…Finding dishes in ideal condition is great. But at the same time sad. Why didn’t anyone use it? They’re dishes, people! They are meant to be cooked in and have things mixed inside of them. I like a little wear on them is what I’m saying. I want to know that someone loved and used this before me…sort of like buying an old book. Though, dishes don’t have that wonderful smell…



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Mozzarella, if you please…

You probably guess what we spent the afternoon doing the other day. When Joe and I got married I don’t think he had ever had real fresh mozzarella-only shredded bagged stuff. Nothing against the shredded stuff really because what else would we on pizza? But for something like a big hearty baked pasta needs a little extra special cheese. For Christmas this past year my mom got Joe his own make-your-own-mozzarella kit and we finally got around to doing it!
Frist we went to Coopers Farm Store in Leicester, Ma and bought a gallon of whole milk-NOT ULTRA PASTEURIZED. The store is a diary based right on the farm the milk comes from (we bought a quart of chocolate milk and I have to say…TruMoon will never be good enough again) Then Joe picked out his favorite Pyrex dishes to use…since this was his project, I didn’t impose which bowls he should use.

Start by preparing the rennet (enzyme) solution by dissolving 1/4 table of the rennet in 1/4 cup of cold water. Set aside

Pour the whole gallon of milk into a large stock pot. Heat over medium high heat/flame until the milk reaches 85 degrees then add the provided citric acid. Please keep in mind that these are the steps as given by the kit! I would have no idea how to do this from total scratch. That aside, when the milk reaches 100 degrees stir in the rennet solution. Use a slotted spoon to gently stir the milk in an up and down motion for 30 seconds.
Heat the milk to a little more to 105 then turn off the heat. You will start to notice signs of curds forming-these will be the white and shiny bits floating in the liquid. The liquid is now whey.

To test if the curds are ready to be strained-scoop out some of the curds and press the back of a spoon into them. If a dent is left, they’re ready. If not, give them another 2 minutes.
When they are ready you will want to set a colander inside of a microwave safe bowl then using a strainer or slotted spoon gently lift the curds and allow they whey to drip into the pot. Place the curds gently into the colander…I keep saying gently because they instructions do. The curds are sensitive little buggers..
Using your hands (again) gently press the curds to extract any extra whey.

They will look something like this once you’ve got them drained. Next, place your bowl in a microwave for one minute. Put on the gloves that came with the kit or your own special gloves if you’ve got them. When you remove the bowl from the microwave there will be more whey that has come loose from the curds-drain this. You can now begin to fold (gently) and knead the curds and as more whey is released just keep draining it.

Microwave for 30 seconds as needed to keep the curds folding properly. You will know you are nearing “done” by the shine and smoothness of your cheese.

Something like this! Now, remember this: to stretch the cheese must be at 135 degrees. If you have a smooth cheese but want to shape it into a ball there is no harm in popping it in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

So there you all have it! Joe made cheese! You can go ahead and think it…we have weird hobbies. But hey..how many people do you know who make their on cheese? Mom don’t answer…you’ve got enough farmer blogger friends who probably do it without a kit!


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Strawberry Whipped Cream (with a side of pie)

The chocolate pie of my childhood has become the go-to dessert of my adulthood-but with a twist. See, Joe doesn’t like meringue because its not sweet. I understand this dislike though it does make me a little sad since meringue on chocolate pie is what I’ve always known. So since he has started an exploration of culinary means he offered to make a whipped topping for the pie.
A little backstory…last weekend I made a pie and some cookies for my father in exchange for tax preparation. I didn’t want to send over one of my Pyrex dishes (to be honest, if you have ever known the kind of house keeper my father and his wife are you wouldn’t send nice dishes there either) so I bought a pack of two pre-made pie crusts with dishes. All I had to do was pre-bake the crust and make the filling. So, when we had one left over I asked Joe what we should do with it and after I said chocolate pie he started in with ideas on what type of topping to make. It went something like this…
Joe: How about sea salt whipped cream?
Me: How about bacon? (even though I don’t eat pork bacon)
Joe: How about…strawberries?
Me: Oooh
We had some fresh ones in the fridge that I had picked up as a Superbowl snack so Chef Joe set out to turn them into something new

Wash them first, of course.

Small Friendship Cinderella dish

Then chop into fine pieces and add some sugar-use the amount that fells best for you. If you know you’re someone who likes things sweeter-go for it.

Then puree them with whatever sort of processor you have. We used a Cuisenart Smart Stick-thank you mommy!
In a separate bowl pour in 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.

Medium size Terra bowl

After a few moments of whipping the cream its self, add in your purred strawberries.

After a few minutes of mixing your whipping cream will start to stiffen and become more of a WHIPPED cream. Add more sugar if it doesn’t seem to be stiffening properly…We didn’t exactly measure things this time,

It will look something like this. Since fresh strawberries were used there isn’t an overly pink color to the cream. Which is nice, eh?
Finished pie on a small Pyrex plate
The premade pie crust didn’t cut very well so the pie piece isn’t that pretty..but it was SO tasty!
Try this out in your favorite Pyrex and let me know how it goes!


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Just some photos…

As some of you may remember we had a few friends from out of state stay with us last month. One of them, a wonderful fella named Seth took some pictures of my Pyrex collection. The night they arrived was the night we learned how badly we were in need of a new display shelf as the more traffic we had in the kitchen the more the shelf began to lean. Joe and I had to pile most of our pieces on to the table, where Seth took the pictures that are to follow.

I love the pictures and am so thankful for Seth for taking the time to send them to me! There are not many but I do believe they’re a great little treat for what is turning out to be a gray and nasty day.

My cheese plate inside the Design, inside a Spring Blossom inside of Autumn Harvest


Refrigerator dishes


Old Town Blue gravy dish

Old Town Blue gravy dish

And lastly, a non-Pyrex related picture…

Moxie with "Moxie pony"


The little painted pony was given to Joe by a customer a few months ago. It is small, wooden and hand painted. We’ve named him the Moxie Pony because he is a similar color to the Moxie soda bottle. These little horses are suppose to be good luck. So far, we’ve been pretty lucky so it must be working!

Thank you again to Seth for the photos and I hope they brightened up someones day!







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New Shelf

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting the new-new bookshelf finally arrived. This time with all of its proper parts.

Pretty, isn’t she?! A breath of the freshest mountain air for finally having all of my beloved Pyrex dishes SAFELY sitting in the kitchen. This shelf doesn’t shake or rattle when someone walks by or shuts the front door. There is even a smaller shelf for pie dishes, custard cups and butter dishes! Which frees up a lot of room in our “regular” cabinet for dishes. Lets take a little tour through my new little hunk of Wonderland…

There are about three pieces missing from these pictures because they were in the sink waiting to be washed. Everything in the kitchen was waiting to be washed after this shelf went up…So what did I do last night?

It still has a ways to go but it is much, much, much better than it has been since Thanksgiving. I’m more than grateful for my husband who builds things. Yes, it came with all the parts and such but there are some men who can’t or won’t even do that. I owe him cookies now that the kitchen is in working order again.

I’ll get on that soon as my little boy takes a nap.


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