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Finally, a Score…

It feels like years have passed since I last found a piece of Pyrex worth buying. Actually, it just feels like years since I even went looking. But yesterday we had a death…one of my beloved Pyrex Flamewear sauce pans went to the great glass pit in the sky. We’re really unsure as to how it happened, but after making corn in it for lunch and scraping out the food particles into the trash the bottom of the pot went with it. Just fell right off into the trash.

I went to sit in the living room and cry. Yes, I cried over a broken dish. Joe woke up from a nap and we decided to load up the kiddo and at least go deposit his paycheck. Savers is right next to the bank so there we went. Never expecting to find anything and always expecting to pay too much. I was wrong (as usual some may say). First there was this..

IMG_20130213_135559A replacement! Much bigger than the one that cracked but who is complaining about a bigger pot? Not I! They had a 4.99 sticker on it. Not bad, so we nabbed it. But what was sitting next to it was even more…shall we say…breath taking?

IMG_20130213_135543Yes! A double Boiler! It was in heaven…this would make our chocolate making adventures even more exciting. But it had two stickers-two prices-on it. 3.99 for one and 4.99 for the other. Nope, wasn’t going to stand for that injustice. When we went to the register to pay I asked nicely to speak to a manager and told the girl that the piece was a double boiler and should be sold at one price. The manager agreed and we paid 4.99 for all of it. BAM! I feel like that takes away all my loathing of Savers if only for a day.

As we near spring and summer this really got my yard-sale/ flea market juices flowing. Bring on the deals.



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A Little Chocolate Shop..

IMG_20121129_141639Slowly, my kitchen has becoming more and more like a sweets-shop. Right before we moved, I was gifted some chocolate molds by my mother in laws (and I can say she is my friend now as well) friend, Stacy. Stacy also gave us our first kitchen table and chairs…she is really an angle. But, I digress. Once I put the molds away I didn’t think of them much until I bought the double boiler from Linda a few months ago. Since money was tight then we didn’t have the extra money for buying melting chocolate…but, the holidays are upon us and that gave us the motivation to give it a try. It was then we realized how absolutely simple it was to make pretty little candies!

Sadly, I have no idea where the picture of using the double boiler. I know I took a few…but they are no where to be found. So, I’ll just explain it. Get yourself a bag of chocolate melts from a craft store or a department store with a craft section. They tend to run about 3 dollars a bag. Fill the bottom of your boiler so the water level is just below the second boiler. Bring the water to a boil and shut off the heat, add chocolate. Stir gently until the chocolate is smooth. Spoon or pipe into your molds. Do not grease the molds! Allow to set up in a cool area for a few minutes. We let ours cool on the counter for a few minutes then pop them in the fridge…Ready to see some?

IMG_20121127_114515IMG_20121203_163208Pretty neat, huh?

Oh…I might want to mention..Joe is also making hard candies now. But that may be another post!



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