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Finally, a Score…

It feels like years have passed since I last found a piece of Pyrex worth buying. Actually, it just feels like years since I even went looking. But yesterday we had a death…one of my beloved Pyrex Flamewear sauce pans went to the great glass pit in the sky. We’re really unsure as to how it happened, but after making corn in it for lunch and scraping out the food particles into the trash the bottom of the pot went with it. Just fell right off into the trash.

I went to sit in the living room and cry. Yes, I cried over a broken dish. Joe woke up from a nap and we decided to load up the kiddo and at least go deposit his paycheck. Savers is right next to the bank so there we went. Never expecting to find anything and always expecting to pay too much. I was wrong (as usual some may say). First there was this..

IMG_20130213_135559A replacement! Much bigger than the one that cracked but who is complaining about a bigger pot? Not I! They had a 4.99 sticker on it. Not bad, so we nabbed it. But what was sitting next to it was even more…shall we say…breath taking?

IMG_20130213_135543Yes! A double Boiler! It was in heaven…this would make our chocolate making adventures even more exciting. But it had two stickers-two prices-on it. 3.99 for one and 4.99 for the other. Nope, wasn’t going to stand for that injustice. When we went to the register to pay I asked nicely to speak to a manager and told the girl that the piece was a double boiler and should be sold at one price. The manager agreed and we paid 4.99 for all of it. BAM! I feel like that takes away all my loathing of Savers if only for a day.

As we near spring and summer this really got my yard-sale/ flea market juices flowing. Bring on the deals.



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Savers Is The Devil

I’ve written a few posts about how my once beloved Savers has been jacking their prices but today I come to you with some photo evidence. Some of these aren’t bad, I will admit…but some of them just made me itchy. The bad kind of itchy not the “I’m itching to get that,” kind of itchy.
I think I also mentioned once before how I finally confronted the manager of our closest Savers about their prices. Pointing out that certain things should be sold as sets-not just in the housewares section. As an example I used a kids table and chairs…they wanted 10 for the table and then priced each bench seat separately for 5 dollars a piece. What sort of insanity is that for a second-hand shop? Especially one that is in such a poor neighborhood as this one is. The Pyrex Queen I met at Brimfield agreed. To quote her, “Its friggin Webster Square in Worcester…how do they expect people to pay these prices?”
I should probably stop ranting before you all stop reading…Oh…wait…this whole post is a mini rant. Stick it out, folks!

Looks pretty nice, huh? Large dish with cover…but the cover is scratched and faded. There was also a chip in one of the handles. What did they ask for this dented dish? 9 dollars. Again, not the most outrageous of prices but still high for a store that has built its reputation on having low prices for a good cause.

This dish actually goes with the  Friendship collection and I have to say…I really wanted it. Unlike the first dish it wasn’t faded or chipped-but they wanted 8 dollars for something that should cost about 4. It hurt to pass on.

These two yellow dishes were clearly donated as a result of not being sold at a yard sale. The little tag on the inside said 2 for 2.50…What did Savers price them at? 3.99 EACH! Not sold as a set.

And this…well, this is just murder. Pyrex Murder. People, please for the love of all things Kitcheny DO NOT PUT YOUR OLD PYREX IN THE DISHWASHER!!! Despite being a total loss to whoever buys this, Savers still wanted 3 dollars. Sorry, but I wouldn’t even pay 50 cents for it.

This large green dish I believe is a match to the Spring Blossom collection…but 10 dollars? Maybe 6.

6 dollars for a small Autumn Harvest Cinderella dish…Nope. See that basic Corning dish next to it? Roughly the same size but half the price! If only Corn Flower was interesting enough to collect…

Now this is a shinning example of the way things should be sold as set of 4 cups. Why doesn’t Savers sell all things as sets? Because they’re lame and have clearly lost touch with their fair pricing system.
As it was explained to me their new system goes by a scale of 1-5. If something comes in and is a lower number on “the scale” it gets a lower price..but if something on the higher end comes up then the price will reflect that. Now, that makes sense…except that who is back there making this call? ONE PERSON! One person is in charge of all the pricing. How does that make sense at all? It doesn’t…
I need to stop before I get too worked up. I think its time to stick to flea markets and yard sales…


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British Pyrex In America

Well well well….what do we have here? A little bit of England in America! Just in time for the Olympics, too. According to a collector on Pinterest this pattern is called Emily-which I find sweet. It is a sweet and loveable pattern to begin with but to couple that with one of my favorite girl names just puts it over the top. We picked this little one up at the “big” SAVERS and paid about 4 dollars for it. I was surprised to actually find some JaJ Pyrex in the states…happily, of course.

I think I’ve mentioned before how when I find certain dishes places that recipes just start to pop into my head. For this one I would want to put a simple salad in. Maybe the one my mom got me hooked on years ago-mixed greens, goat cheese, little bits of ham or turkey, grapes and a homemade vinaigrette.

Mmmm…My birthday is in two days so perhaps I’ll treat myself to such a salad!


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A Little Glass Pot

This is not the Brimfield post, let us start out by getting that out of the way. That will come soon as my arms and back stop throbbing-I learned that hauling TWO toddlers around all day is much harder than just one.
But I digress…The other day we stopped in to SAVERS to look for a lunch box to bring to the flea market. We spotted a few dishes-a Spring Blossom Cinderella bowl, pie dish, and then a washed out Amish Butterprint bowl. Then Joe found something we didn’t expect. Something I hadn’t seen in the wild.

Now, I know some of you are thinking “why is this so special?” Well! Pyrex only made glass pots under the Pyrex name for a few years before the changed to just Vision wear! Vision wear can be easily spotted by the tan (almost brownish)  color of the glass. This is so exciting for me because it is my first glass pot EVER and to find it under the Pyrex name is just the bees knees.  I’ve had an idea for a new barbeque sauce that I believe I’ll break this little pot in with!

Also, while wandering Savers I saw two young men walking around examining the prices of items of the shelf. When I heard one say, “Why isn’t this being sold as a set? What is going on here?” I stepped up ask them if they were here to get the price hikes under control. One of them answered yes and I told him how we had stopped going for nearly a month because of the obscenely high prices. He said they are reworking the way they price items and are hoping to have the “problem” fixed soon.

Small victory in the hunt for Pyrex and the war on high thrift store prices!




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A Non-Pyrex Post

You can’t win every time you go to a thrift store. Pyrex isn’t always there or if it is its been run through the dishwasher so many times that the little Pilgrams on Amish Butterprint dishes look like ghosts. This was the case last week when we did our rounds at SAVERS in a snow storm. But we didn’t come home emtpy handed…no, no not by a long shot. We found three non-Pyrex pieces and spent roughly 10 dollars.
Let’s start with ice cubes. Weird, right? Ice cubes? Not these ice cubes..

Ice trays like these were put out by GE in the 1950s and the lever in the center moves to release the ice cubes from the tray. It was advertised as a “Hostesses dream” because of its quick ice making (metal gets cold pretty fast, ya know) and almost instant servability (is that a word?). It was 4.99
And then…there were these.

Salt and Pepper shakers! Couldn’t you just die over how adorable these little guys are? The toaster actually pops the “toast” shakers. The TV dial turns and it makes the shakers on the side raise up. These weren’t marked but were juts too cute not to ask about..so we did. The girl said “1.99 each,” which was a decent price especially considering how high the prices at SAVERS have gotten lately. So we snagged them up.

A fun little score, huh? Now, I know I promised you a big exciting post about some new pieces that came from an undisclosed location but you’re just going to have to wait a little longer.
Next stop…International Pyrexville!


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Good Ol’ Savers

Yesterday we went to our beloved SAVERS-which as has been less beloved as of late because they are getting pretty…how shall we say…big in the britches with their prices. Thankfully, we were able to find a few pieces with fair prices and things we had been wanting.

Lets start with the mugs. The outer most mug is in the Ribbon Bouquet pattern and we purchased four mugs for 1.50. I hadn’t seen this pattern in a thrift store or antique store before so it was very exciting to find yesterday. Next we have my current favorite pattern-Old Town Blue also four for 1.50.
Next we found a Butterfly Gold saucer to match the gravy dish we have waiting for our good friends when they find a place of their own!
Then came two “biggies”…a sugar dish and creamer! Now, these little guys are hard to find but their evil twins are not.

This is NOT PYREX! Notice how the butterflies have large open wings? NOT PYREX! This doesn’t have a brand either so we have no idea where the evil came from. It comes in a sugar bowl and creamer set but is a fake-so ignore it when you see it!
And lastly…this little guy

Normally, I don’t allow Fire King in my house but for this I made an exception. He was just too pretty and too cute not to bring home and at a total of 3 dollars. We will use it as a sugar dish for day-to-day and when we have breakfast parties we will use the Butterfly Gold pieces.
We noticed a lot of Butterfly Gold pieces in general so we think that someone who collected the pattern must have died or run out of room for it. We ended up lucking out no matter what happened.

Oh..and p.s: who thought these went together?! I mean honestly, people…

This did not come home. It needed too much cleaning. And Kim found us the lid already!


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More Pyrex Baby Bottles!

I’m sure that you all remember (or I hope that some of you do, anyway) that a few weeks back we found a woman on craigslist selling an old Pyrex baby bottle. I was elated because they are not something too easily found…until yesterday.
We’ve been holding off going to thrift stores because we are saving as much money as possible for a house but yesterday we had a calling. Well okay, not a calling-Joe wants to make a double boiler with a Pyrex dish so we were going to look for a cheap piece that we wouldn’t be sad about losing if the experiment went poorly. While walking up and down the isles I heard a sudden and very urgent call of, “Hun!” What had my Mad Hatter found?

More baby bottles! Yes you heard me – MORE PYREX BABY BOTTLES! What joy. What beauty. What a happy day! Two of the two bottles above say Pyrex for Evenflo and the third one simply days Evenflo though as I learned with the first bottle we acquired Pyrex glass was used for Evenflo bottles even if it not noted on the bottle itself. According to my Pyrex collectors guide, these bottles normally fetch 25-30 dollars at a flea market/antique store but at SAVERS we paid .99 cents per bottle! A steal, to be sure.
Next we found these…

Davol Feed Rite bottles do not say they are a Pyrex product but upon some looking we found some on ebay with a label inside saying they are in fact Pyrex. We haven’t found anything online about he Davol company only places like Ebay and Etsy who have them for sale. Sort of exhausting to find something so neat but then have no idea about where it came from!
We did find two other pieces while out yesterday as well. A dish for our double boiler experiment and a second Old Town Blue gravy dish. Thinking of re-selling the gravy dish come flea market season since we are considering renting out a table at a flea this summer.

Thats our whole lot. A nice little splurge for some amazing baby bottles and two extra pieces.


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